Coronavirus and the Eyes: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

By now most people realize this virus mostly spreads through the particles in the air you breathe in and either comes through your mouth or your nose but it also important not to forget about the eyes.

Coronavirus and the Eyes










Question 1:

What eye problems are associated with the corona virus?

A small percentage of people who test positive for the corona virus have an associated pink eye or conjunctivitis. The main symptoms associated with corona virus conjunctivitis are :


This has actually been proven because scientists have been able to detect levels of corona virus in actual tears.


If I have pink eye right now, do I have the corona virus? Should I go to the hospital to get tested?

If you have pink eye right now, most likely you absolutely do not have corona virus. You should only go to the hospital or talk to your doctor if you have the associated symptoms of the corona virus such as shortness of breath, coughing or fever.


What are ways that the corona virus spreads via the eyes?

The corona virus really spreads through what we call the mucous membranes so
your mouth, your nose and the layers of the eyes. Somebody can touch their eye and touch somebody else, that person can touch their face their mouth their nose and can also contract the corona virus. Also somebody can touch their eye who has the corona virus and touch a surface, somebody could come along and touch that same surface then touch their mouth, nose or eyes and also contract the virus.


How can I protect my eyes to decrease the chance of getting the corona virus?

if you happen to be a contact lens wearer this would be a really good time to give your eyes a rest. People who wear contact lenses touch their eye very frequently so this would be a good time to stop wearing your contact lenses and instead wear glasses. Not only will you not be putting your hands near your eyes or your face but you’ll also be adding an extra layer of protection just by wearing the glasses.


What can I expect from eye doctor clinics right now?

Eye doctors right now are being guided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology to only see emergency and urgent patients. If you do have what you think is an urgent problem you should you should call your eye doctor right away and they should have some kind of an emergency plan in place to guide you. Your doctors are here either at home or via tele-medicine or going into the clinics to see urgent patients to answer your questions and to get you through this.

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