How to Reduce the Recovery Time after a Cataract Surgery

A cataract surgery generally took about 10 minutes to perform. Though this surgery is quick , postoperative recovery can take some time. It is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions during this recovery period to and take care of your eyes properly. Neglecting a regimen of post-surgery care can lead to infections and other problems.

Here are just some of the things you should and shouldn’t do while recovering. This will help to reduce your recovery process.

  1. Protect your eye form sun. In the initial days after surgery, our eyes are more sensitive to sunlight. So direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Wear a sunglass every time you are out.
  2. Protect your eye from the accidental rub and bump.  Generally, it is recommended that the patient should keep his or her eye covered at all times. A patient can either wear eyeglasses or an eye shield, to protect it from being bumped or rubbed. In the initial days after surgery, even a  small amount of pressure can easily open the incision. This should be avoided at any cost.
  3. Use eye drops exactly as prescribed. It is very important to follow the doctor’s instruction and take eye-drop at the interval prescribed by them.
  4. Keep the eyes safe while sleeping. Eyes are more prone to get hurt while you are sleeping. You may rub your eyes against the pillow and get an infection. So wear your safety shield even when you are sleeping.
  5. Avoid lifting heavy objects at least within the first week of the surgery.
  6. If you feel itching in your eyes then its a sign that you are healing. Don’t rub your eyes unnecessarily in such case. Rubbing your eye can lead to bacteria or an infection, and the pressure is also bad for the healing incision.
  7. Don’t be too active after the surgery. You need to stay calm in daily activates just the following week after the surgery. Avoid sports which involve running or if there is a chance you may come in contact with dust.
  8. Keeping your eyes as clean as possible will increase your chance of healing fastly.
  9. Avoid any inflammable object like oil or soap from reaching your eyes. Even water should be prevented from getting into the eyes.
  10. Visit your doctor. Schedule a follow-up appointment for the day after your cataract surgery. This way your ophthalmologist can make sure that your recovery is on track and there are no postoperative complications.

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