What’s The Right Choice? Choosing Between Contact Lenses vs. Lasik

As per the survey in recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of people opting for LASIK. A considerable section of patients choosing Lasik wants to unburden themselves from relying on contact lenses.

what is better Lasik or contact lenses

People who want a long lasting solution to their vision problems get confused with choosing between contact lenses & Lasik. By the end of this article, you will be gaining a considerate amount of knowledge to make the right choice between Lasik & lenses as per your requirement.

Before making choice lets understand what exactly is Lasik & contact lenses & how they help you improve your vision

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are mostly used to correct refractive errors. Contact lenses are worn straight over the cornea of an eye. They can replace eyeglasses and delivers the purpose as efficiently as eyeglasses. Contact lenses can treat ailments like Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Hyperopia, Myopia.


LASIK is a more suitable choice for people having eye vision defects. Lasik surgery involves reshaping of cornea by the use of medical devices like microkeratome. Lasik surgery is reliable & benefits in the long term than that of contact lenses. Lasik surgery treats eye vision defects & all the conditions that contact lenses treat like Hyperopia i.e. farsightedness, Myopia i.e nearsightedness, etc.

What is Better Contact Lenses or Lasik?

Increase in the number of people discarding contact lenses & opting for LASIK surgery itself clarifies what is the right choice. Patients who have undergone LASIK surgery experience that they are more confident & worry less about their eye health post Lasik.

Apart from the independence of carrying out activities involving water or dust without worrying about infections of contact lenses, there are two more advantages of Lasik that can force you to agree for the surgery

  • Safety – Lasik is safer than that of contact lenses
  • Cost -Lasik is cost effective compared to the contact lenses
    over a lifetime


There has been an unbelievable amount of research & progress in medical technologies over the past 23 years, since the approval of this vision correction surgery. Improved & advanced Lasik has contributed towards the safety measures & effectiveness of the surgery

Listed below are some of the advancement which makes Lasik surgery procedures safe and effective:

Advanced Technology in Lasik

  1. Femtosecond Laser – Femtosecond laser overcomes drawbacks of old Lasik procedure. After the femtosecond laser technology patient less complains about dry eyes & flap complications post surgery.
    Femtosecond Lasers further accurately builds the LASIK flap as compared to the Microkeratome which utilizes a blade. Performing surgery without blade leaves no room for mistakes & complexities
  2. Wavefront-Optimized, Wavefront-Guided, and Topography-Guided Lasers – All these Lasers have mainly developed the statistical chance of 20/20 vision. This three technology delivers effective results in improved uncorrected vision post-surgery rather than glasses or lenses. They lessen the occurrence of halos & glare.
  3. Eye Trackers – Many people who plan to undergo Lasik surgery possess questions like “what if I move my eye during surgery?”. An eye tracker is a perfect answer to their question. Lasik surgery is performed by medical equipment that uses an advanced technology which follows the eye wherever it goes during the surgery. Not only this technology makes surgery safe but also results in better vision quality.

When it comes to safety Lasik is more secure than that of contact lenses as it avoids eye infection. Individual using contact lens is more prone to eye infection than those undergoing Lasik.


While the one-time cost of Lasik may seem higher to the normal person, estimating the total amount of money paid in a lifetime for contact lenses is more than Lasik.

It is advised not to use monthly lenses post 30 days. Once used, monthly lenses are particularly safe only for 30 continuous days.

As Lasik even provides hassle-free, safe & durable vision correction than that of contact lens, its worth investing into.

To get aspired and best outcomes visit an experienced surgeon to undergo LASIK. Make sure that the surgeon performs LASIK with the latest technology for desirable results.

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