Award Winning
Lasik is an acronym for Laser assisted In situ Keratomileusis. This in essence means a reshaping of the front part of the eye the cornea to our desired shape. This reshaping eliminates the error in focussing of the rays of light on the retina. Thus the need for glasses is eliminated.
Our eye doctors with more than a decade of experience can be trusted for safe lasik surgery for near sightedness, far sightedness and cylinder powers. A spectacle free life gives you a chance to enjoy sports, adventure activities and also to enhance your personality and confidence. Lasik is also cost effective than contact lenses and glasses in the long run.
Before undergoing Lasik, our lasik surgeons will ensure that your eyes are safe to undergo laser eye procedure by performing certain investigations: We are equipped with the latest SIRIUS Topographer which gives a detailed analysis of the health of your cornea. Only if your cornea is healthy enough will you be considered for lasik surgery.
Amaris Excimer Laser from Schwind, Germany: This technology ensures that your lasik surgery is painless, safe and accurate. Being completely bladeless and touchless ensures the gentlest lasik surgery for your eyes. This machine’s advanced SmartSurfACE technology makes certain that your cornea gets the smoothest best surface which translates into great vision.
This machine is also equipped with a 6D Eye Tracker. This guarantees that even if you advertently move your eyes during the procedure, your eye movements will be automatically tracked so that the laser is not compromised. Thus making the procedure very safe.