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Oculoplasty & Squint

Oculoplasty is the specialisation of ophthalmology which deals with plastic surgeries of structures of the eye socket, eyelid, tear ducts and structures around the eye. Squint or strabismus is an eye condition in which the two eyes do not look in the same direction.

Eye conditions which are treated by our Oculoplasty and Squint eye specialists are:

  • Squint
  • Ptosis or drooping eyelids
  • Ectropion or eyelids that are turned outwards
  • Entropion or eyelids that are turned inwards
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Grave’s Disease or Thyroid Eye Disease
  • Eye Tumours

The above eye conditions are treated by performing the below oculoplasty eye surgeries at Drishti Eye Care Center in Mulund:

  • Squint surgery
  • Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy or surgery for blocked tear ducts
  • Ocular prosthetics or artificial eye
  • Botox injections


Prism Bar: A Prism Bar is a gold standard test which is used to measure the deviation of the eye in squint. In this test, your one eye is covered and a prism bar is held in front of the other eye and your eye movements are noted.