Award Winning

Drishti Eye Care has its in-house Optical store. We offer a wide variety of spectacle frames, lenses and sunglasses that you can choose from. Whether your spectacle numbers are for near sightedness (myopia or minus power or distance glasses) or far sightedness (hyperopia or plus power or reading glasses) or cylinder powers (astigmatism), you can rely on us for accurate spectacle powers.

The major advantage of this in house optical facility is that we can ensure that the spectacle powers that have been advised by the optometrist or eye doctor are in exact coherence with the spectacle power of your glasses that are finally made. It also saves you the hassle of having to visit two places for getting your new pair of spectacles. At our optical store our focus is in getting our customers the very best in lens technology that the world has to offer. Because of its in-house nature we are able to keep our costs low thus translating into great savings for our customers.


Auto Refracto Keratometer from Canon, USA : This device helps in quick assessment of spectacle numbers - near sightedness and far sightedness. It also helps study the shape of the cornea (outer transparent layer of the eye) which helps in assessing cylinder power (astigmatism) and is especially useful for contact lens fittings. This provides a good baseline for eye doctors to determine the exact spectacle or lens power.

Lensometer from TopCon, USA: : A lensometer or lensmeter is used by optometrists to verify that the prescription numbers of your spectacles are precise. It also helps to confirm that the lenses have been mounted correctly in the frame and to orient uncut lenses. At Drishti, we use a computerised lensmeter from USA to ensure the highest standards of accuracy.